The 12th Unmanned Team

GM/SAE Autodrive Challenge II

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General Motors and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsor and organize AutoDrive challenge II (ADC II), a four-year competition (2021-2025) that allows university teams to develop and demonstrate their own autonomous vehicle. The 12th Unmanned Team is Texas A&M's response to the challenge. Among all instituional applications, Texas A&M University is fortunate to be selected to particpate the competition as one of the final 10 teams. General Motors will generously donate each team a Chevy Bolt EUV with drive-by-wire protocol open to participating teams. Each team has to come up with its own design of perception, planning, decision, and control modules by solving computational, electrical, and mechanical issues to cope with real world challenges in building a level-4 autonomous vehicle. Here you will find the latest developments and progress made by our team! We will build on our success in previous Autodrive Challenge (2017-2021) to compete in this exciting event!